Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pure Joy I was reminded today of how important reflections on the simple things in life are to keeping our joy. My daughter was running through the house with the pure expression of boundless joy on her face screaming "I'm gonna get you Daddy!" The simplest joy - being able to run and jump can somehow put a tiring, draining day into perspective. This is what matters...not the time spent working on someone else's problems. It is in the everyday, simple moments where the true meaning of life is found. In the quietness of a peaceful home with little feet pattering...with the soft sound of "love you, Mama." Maybe you don't have children...it never seemed like something you could do. Yeah, I was there once too - only imagining the hassles, the change that seemed too overwhelming to embrace. Then one day she was here...I was confused and tired, like any new mother, overwhelmed to the pit of exhaustion wondering what I had done. And then one day, she looked at me through her tears as if to say, "are you my Mama?" And I looked back through my own and realized that yes, I was her Mama and that an extension of my heart and soul was in my arms. I could feel and touch this wonderful new life and nothing could ever change that - nothing else mattered. Life isn't always those meaningful, earthshattering moments and being a Mom isn't always a trascending experience. But I will never change the feeling of little tiny arms hugging me or seeing her effervescent, smiling face running towards me with her arms stretched wide. Today was not what I wanted, not what I aspired to, not what I wished it to be...but the short, sweet time spent with my girl is what I needed. May your joy be found in the quiet observations of everyday moments.