Saturday, April 02, 2011

Thankful During the Thankless Times

Last weekend was from all appearances a disaster. We attempted a road trip to visit my parents and on the way, little Abby threw up in the car. We thought it best to go home – and I believe it was the right thing to do. I started fighting waves of nausea later that evening and fought hard to keep from throwing up. (I can’t stand to vomit – I will do just about anything to keep it from happening.)

At about 2am, I just sat in the bathroom and prayed…the waves of nausea crashing into me – relentlessly. As I implored God to spare me, my prayer turned to praise. I began thanking him – the unthinkable in that moment – it just overflowed from me. I thanked him that I had not been sick, that we were home, that none of the other kids were sick, that they were sleeping peacefully. And strangely enough, I thanked him for being sick. I don’t remember the rest – I think that extreme fatigue set in at that point and after a period of nothing, I crawled back into bed.

I never did get sick and none of the rest of us did either, thank God. And as I lay in bed the next day – still fighting the after affects, I marveled at how this God could move me to praise him at one of my lowest moments. Surely His ways are above our ways and He always deserves our praise.

How has God moved you to praise him in unthinkable circumstances?


Lydia said...

I'm sorry to hear little Abby was sick! We've had the roughest health week in the history of our family here this week...and like you, although it has been rough, I've found moments of thankfulness throughout. Gratitude for my husband and all the help he has given me. Thankful that I'm able to be here and to care for my sick little people...and thankful for this home where we can take refuge and regain our strength. God is so good to us!

Jennifer Powell said...

Thanks, Lydia. This winter has been very hard for us. It looks like you got the same experience compressed into 1 week! Hope all are on the mend. I don't get this gratitude thing right all the time, but I'm trying the best that I can. Thank you for your comment.