Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Papers and Pens and Journals, Oh My! Office supplies...the mere mention brings a dreamy smile to my face while visions of brightly colored, sparkly gel pens float in my head. Memories of the smell of sharpies...the crisp feeling of paper in my hand. The rich, musky smell of a leather bound journal. My adhesive in hand, my reflection mirrored back in the silver paper trimmer. Ahhhh...what else is there in life? Even more wonderful - the feeling of cracking open a hard bound book for the first time. I sometimes wonder if they make books extra crispy for me! Or better yet, the feeling of a paperback held firmly in my hand as I devour the pages. It is ironic that the paper and pen medium appeals to me so much. I probably have about 20 journals, of which I've written in maybe 5 or 6. But I keep buying them. I just can't help myself. My latest purchase was a red leather one with a heart embossed on the front. I was captivated by the thick scent beckoning me from under the plastic wrapping...it was more expensive than the others, but I kept coming back to show my affection. In the end it enticed me by wearing its heart on its sleeve. I was consumed! OK, OK, I'm not completely obsessed, it actually is in use - my husband and I write love notes back and forth in it. Sometimes I just pick it up and pet its beautiful, embossed cover. You little rascal, I hear you calling me now! Perhaps you will get your wish my pretty - hubby deserves a love note today. Back to the irony - it is ironic how I really believe I will write in the journals - that I will use that new pen that feels so perfect in my hand and glides so effortlessly over the pages, but alas, both collect dust. Instead I'm here in cyberspace. Clicking away on my keyboard in a relatively sterile smelling office (where is that coffee candle when I need it?) with the shadow of an overflowing pencil cup in my peripheral vision. Here is where I can share my thoughts...here is where I can scrupulously edit each sentence with the miracle of spell and grammar check. Here is where I can make that font LARGER! Who could have dreamed of such perfection? Typing almost as quickly as the thoughts go through my head...fingers perched on the home keys...the white glow of the monitor warming my heart. I guess it is official...I'm a geek...I'm a blogger now...I've moved to the next dimension. At least for now... Oh maybe tomorrow that cute little white joural with the purple flower on it will have its day, the purple gel pen patiently waiting by its side. Maybe the 5 books I'm in the process of reading will experience the joy of living their purpose - being read by a person instead of rotting in a drawer! But for now I continue to type...or maybe it's off to Amazon where I can browse the books, quietly clicking to turn the pages.


Kal said...

Haha, just wait -- from personal experience I'll say that even if it's in cyberspace it may still collect plenty of dust. :-)


Anonymous said...

I know the true source of your office supply addiction: complete lack at Mom and Dad's house! I understand, I feel a surge of glee go through my heart whenever I visit an office supply store, or the supply room at my office!