Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Sound of Silence It is not often when you have a small child that you can truly envelop yourself in silence. Yet today is one of those rare moments when my husband is not home and my daughter is asleep. Ironically still is that there are no environmental sounds - the soft thud, thud of the dryer, the swish and drain of the dishwasher...nothing. The only sound I hear is the occasional soft, sweet sighs of Kayla as she drifts deeper into sleep. How sweet and calming this is. It used to be that I wouldn't let myself enjoy such a peaceful moment. Shouldn't I be doing something? Cleaning, ironing, washing dishes, making a neglected phone call, emailing pictures, sending invitations. No...not tonight. Tonight I'm quiet...at least for now. Listening. God has given me this moment to hear him and I'm listening for the still, small voice. Have you heard God talking? Have you listened for that voice? Maybe you expected something else...something loud and dramatic. That is what the world wants us to think. The loudest voice drowns out all others - the biggest, flashiest object gets our attention. But is that what we really want to have? Is that really what we need? We were recently at Disney World and I remember thinking in amazement that a vacation here is the highlight of many people's year. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing - it was enjoyable to be there and there was much fun to be had. But I was thinking of people that obsess about being there, that this place is the one bright spot for them to look forward to. It is as if for some people the fantasy land that exists there is preferred over what real life is. Somehow this struck me as sad. We are so wrapped up in what we see and can feel and touch and experience that we sell ourselves out for created treasures rather than unseen treasures that only God can give us. What are those treasures? What about freedom from worry or fear, a mind at rest, peaceful sleep, hope in all things, joy in all circumstances. As you seek to know who God is personally (not through the eyes of others) these things will come. I looked at the people around us thinking of the motto of Disney World, "Where Dreams Come True." What is your dream? For a child maybe it does involve meeting their favorite character at Disney. But as an adult, my dream is to leave a legacy of love and respect to my children - for them to know that the ultimate dream and fantasy is not Cinderella's Castle, but the streets of gold in heaven. For them to experience the treasures of knowing who God really is. So for now I'm listening...listening for the purpose that God has put me here. Listening for the dreams I have to come true with his help. Silently embracing the treasures he has given me.

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