Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reflections on the M-14 Overpass

Driving home tonight on this familiar stretch of road I’m tempted to give into the highway hypnosis…allowing my car to go into autopilot…to ignore the journey to home.  But as I begin to crest the M-14 overpass, I’m struck by the memories that overtake me of this ordinary stretch of pavement.  Sheryl Crow sings that “every day is a winding road…I get a little bit closer” and every time I hear that song, I am sure that life is preparing to change drastically.  

As I crest this apex of concrete, all four seasons flash in my mind recalling 17 years of driving this road every day.  Winter’s blinding unearthly white, spring’s deluge clouding my view, summer’s much too orange brightness, and fall’s blustery winds blasting my car. Night moon rising on my left, sunset in glorious splendor on my right.  

My car hugs the road, crowning the overpass, embracing this well-worn path.  I’ve often ignored the route from one place inching closer to the next and I realize that these last few years have always been about the drive, the road, the seasons changing outside, that cityscape sunset best seen from the top of the M-14 overpass. 
There is beauty in the driving, discovery in the delay.  I am finally enjoying the journey…this road of life.  I’m okay with not knowing what I’m getting closer to because I can celebrate the way I’m getting there. 

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