Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two Days Lost Sorry for my temporary absence here. It seems we have succumbed to the stomach bug going around these parts…first Jerry, then me, than Kayla. I’m praying that Zach and Abby don’t get it and truly believe that they won’t. Please support me in praying for them and not talking anything otherwise into existence. (I believe words have power – a post for another day.) So here it is two days later and I’m in a fog…not quite 100% and not quite sure what I should be doing. Not well enough to go to work, not sick enough to be in bed…sure that I need to take it easy, not sure I am making the right decisions about anything. Sickness has a way of making you feel that things won’t ever truly be right…each day passes slowly and deliberately and you count the hours on the clock praying that it will be over yet not really believing that it will ever end. Yet it does and if you are like me, you wonder where those days went…it is as if they are lost in oblivion. I suppose in some ways they are lost. I don’t get sick very often, but when I do it seems to help me put things into perspective – it makes me thankful. I’m thankful that Zach and Abby are fine. I’m thankful for a warm, comfy bed to recover in. I’m thankful that we all slept peacefully last night. I’m thankful for my soft couch to rest my achy bones on. I’m thankful for the quiet. And strangely enough I’m thankful that I haven’t wanted to eat much the last few days. It makes me think that the raging headache I had wasn’t part of the illness but a serious sugar / carbohydrate withdrawal…which of course makes me think that I have a problem to address. I do, but that is something to write about on another day. For now, I’m just quiet…trying not to move too much…resting, eating sparingly, making sure Kayla is taken care of and just trying to become strong again. Maybe these two days aren’t a loss, but a hard dose of perspective…something I needed. Just one more thing to be thankful for.

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